Morning Prayer on line Sun 29 Mar

Posted March 26, 2020

This Sunday 29 March will be our first attempt at online worship, using Zoom.

If you have copies of the Book of Common Prayer at home, terrific. You should be able to follow along even if there is a problem seeing the texts on the screen. It seems that using your phone might prevent you from seeing the texts that will be projected on screen: (a) Morning Prayer Order of Worship; (b) the Psalm and scriptures for the day; and (c) the current parish prayer list.

The is the first attempt at doing worship this way, and for many this may be their first experience of Zoom. Please be patient with yourself and with me (I’m not the sharpest techie around, as my nephews and nieces can tell you). We are at a starting point, and things will improve with each week.

God bless you all, and I hope to see (really: SEE!) many of you on screen on Sunday at 10:00am



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