Parish Newsletter

  • The Comforter – September 2018

    This issue of The Comforter features announcements of several parish events as our program year bolts out of the gate at full speed: beginning with Rally Day on Sunday 16 September, and then on to various events in October and November, including meetings of the deanery and the diocese. See a warm report on the fall Garden Parties, as well as a revised schedule for the discernment transition and an earnest call by the Priest in Charge for full engagement from everyone in the discernment and search processes.

    Click here to download: THE COMFORTER 1809 Sep2018

  • The Comforter – June 2018

    The last Comforter before the summer break offers a report of the successful Annual Ladies Tea; thank-you notes for the Women’s Group Plant Sale and the Mother’s Day Mothers’ Home Dinner; an invitation to a Quiet Day being conducted on September 15 at Holy Comforter by Fr. David Beresford of Church of the Redeemer, Springfield; and a preliminary snapshot of the congregational strengths Thomas sees as we all begin to reflect on what Holy Comforter is now and what it hopes to be in the future, as we move into the process of calling new clergy leadership.

    Click here to download: THE COMFORTER 1806 Jun2018

  • The Comforter – May 2018

    Our active Spring 2018 continues with invitations to the Mother’s Day Mother’s Home Dinner and the Annual Ladies Tea, as well as an appreciative report with lots of pictures on the annual Flea Market. There is an artistic remembrance by Carol Estornell of beloved parishioner Joanne Folin, and Thomas expands on his call to the congregation to enter a period of discernment.

    Click here to download: THE COMFORTER 1805 May2018

  • The Comforter – April 2018

    A particularly rich issue of The Comforter calls for volunteers for the annual Flea Market. Among the other events reported re the Pancake Breakfast, the Easter Egg Hunt, and the final steps of the steeple restoration. A moving reminiscence is offered by Barbara Irving on the rescue of a Liberian family. Finally, a formal call to a deep parish-wide discernment by the Priest in Charge.

    Click here to download: THE COMFORTER 1804 Apr2018

  • The Comforter – March 2018

    Read about how Holy Comforter’s Coffee Hour also feeds others, and how Barbara Irving, one of our own, led the Diocesan Refugee Ministry in times past. Also, you’re invited to our upcoming Pancake Breakfast. Our Priest in Charge attempts to explain what people mean when they refer to the “missional church.”

    Click here to download: THE COMFORTER 1803 Mar2018